Porter Wedding Jade Mountain St Lucia

Our Wedding Day was the most perfect day, thank you!  Everything went smoothly and looked so very beautiful.

I should back up though because it all started with a series of emails and phone calls with your wedding communicator, Britny. Britny is so gracious and she never seemed to even raise an eyebrow at any of our ideas. She walked us through everything possible that we might want to do, tracked the to-do list, and happily revisited items if we had a new question or decided to change something. Two things I took away from our conversations with Britny are that she very much knows what she is doing and she gets it done.

Once we arrived, I loved the fact that we were greeted by people who seemed as excited about the Wedding as us. This never changed throughout our trip. Thank you!!

Upon arrival, we met with Charlene, the wedding coordinator.  There is no way we can summarize how talented Charlene is, but hopefully you’ll pick up on this after skimming the rest of our comments. Mindful that we wanted to settle in, explore the beautiful grounds, and jump into the sea, Charlene quickly went over a number of items with us while we were checking in and wowed us with her organization. She honed in on the open items we had on our list before we could raise them and then went over a few that we had not thought of before.

During the course of our stay, Charlene made herself completely available to us, took us for a tour of our wedding location on day two, arranged for us to meet with the photographer, and surprised us with a cake testing. Charlene also facilitated a call with a local pastor she found to perform our ceremony (one of our special requests), made all final arrangements, came up with ideas that really made all the difference on our Wedding Day, and coordinated everything in the days leading up to and on the day of our Wedding.

Before arriving in St. Lucia, I did wonder whether our Wedding would end up feeling a little less authentic and wedding-like because we were having it away at a resort. But it felt like a Wedding from the moment we arrived through when we left, and most especially on our Wedding Day. Everything felt very tailored to us. Plus, we had SO MUCH FUN!  We hope to return soon to Jade Mountain and its sister resort, Anse Chastanet.  We feel so fortunate and blessed that we chose this location for our Wedding. Thank you!!!

  1. After glimpsing some of the planning and activities Britny and Charlene do behind the scenes, it became rather apparent that we would have had a fabulous wedding even if we had left all the details to them. Fortunately, they seem happy to do either:  plan it all or work with couples who want to experience the wedding planning process.

pps.  As you’ll gather from the photographs, many people were involved in our Wedding. We very much appreciated the efforts of our housekeepers, the chefs who took the time to research clean eating and then come up with impressive ideas for a clean Wedding cake (yes, one of the requests that Britny never raised a brow at), Bernd, the photographer (he knows what he is doing!), the videographer, the captain of the boat who took us out to the sailboat, the captain and crew on the sailboat, and our personal waiter at dinner.   Everyone seemed delighted for us and just made the entire experience a lot of fun.  Thank you again!

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