My ETP Wedding Flowers

ETP Weddings Flower’s Series 1


This is one of our most popular bridal bouquet, it is a Red and white Anthurium, purple dendrobium orchids and porceline rose Bouquet


We work closely with a local florist who can custom make bridal bouquets. This is a custom made Cascading bouquet consisting of purple and white dendrobium orchids with birds of paradise on the outside.


Another custom made bridal bouquet, with red and white anturium, white and maroon orchids


This bridal bouquet consist of Pink Ginger lilies, pink and white Anthurium and Porcelain Rose Bridal Bouquet


A Tropical Light pink and white Anthurium, purple and white dendrobium orchid bridal Bouquet


The bouquets above are custom made cascading bouquets consisting of white dendorbium orchids  with white anthorium surrounding the outside with a hint of yellow .

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